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Buy, Sell or Trade Bullion with Cryptocurrency

Buy Gold & Silver with Crypto

Buy, trade and store gold and silver with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. Simply select your desired cryptocurrency, add your preferred items to the cart and go to the checkout. See our step-by-step guide to buy bullion with cryptocurrency.

Singapore, United States & New Zealand Vault Storage

Secure vault storage with full online control. Sell your stored bullion for settlement in BTC/BCH/ETH/LTC at anytime. Full direct legal ownership. Full insurance coverage. 5 different audit methods. View pictures of your bullion. Read more about Vault Storage.

Sell Gold & Silver – Get Paid in Bitcoin or other Cryptos

It’s quick and simple to sell your bullion for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin. Just select your desired cryptocurrency and input your crypto address on the sell checkout page.

Live Pricing in Cryptocurrency 24/7/365

View all products on our website denominated in the cryptocurrency of your choice. When you add products to your shopping cart, the total price will be denominated in cryptocurrency. Prices are updated live all year round.

20,000+ Satisfied Customers since 2012

BullionStar was established in Singapore in 2012 and has accepted Bitcoin settlement for orders since May 2014. Browse our 3247 reviews on Google.

Discreet & Confidential

BullionStar keeps your data confidential to the fullest extent of the law. BullionStar recognises the criticality of keeping your data confidential, secure and protected.

BullionStar's Retail Shop

Retail Shop

Visit our storefront walk-in bullion center with 29 showcase displays full of bullion!

  • View, buy, collect, deposit, store, value and sell your metal in one and the same location!
  • No appointments necessary. Cash-and-carry allowed.
  • Bullion Vault and Safe deposit box Vault integrated on site at the same location.
  • Lift a 400 oz Gold Bar and explore the world of precious metals at our Bullion Center!

Support Hours - Currently Closed

Open 24 hours from Mon 11 am to Sat 11 pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. (NZT)

Buying and Selling Gold & Silver with Cryptocurrency

How to Buy Gold with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

1. Select your preferred cryptocurrency
2. Go to your desired product category and add the products you would like to purchase
3. Go to the Shopping Cart and click on Checkout
4. Select delivery method and confirm your order
5. You will be directed to an order confirmation page and will receive an order confirmation email and SMS text message confirmation. The cryptocurrency address to which you have to send your cryptocurrency payment within 20 minutes is listed on the order confirmation page and in the order confirmation e-mail.

Read more about Cryptocurrency as Payment Option and Currency here

Why Buy Gold with Bitcoin?

Gold is the most stable asset class known to man. Gold has kept its purchasing power for thousands of years and is resistant to inflation. If you buy gold with bitcoins, you are more diversified and less exposed to the volatility and fluctuations of bitcoin. BullionStar offers you the option to efficiently trade in and out of bitcoin and gold with our BSP Program and No Spread Gold Bars.

BullionStar is a modern bullion dealer in an age-old industry. We merge the old wisdom of saving in gold with modern technology. When you buy gold with bitcoins at BullionStar, you get the best of both worlds. You can control your bullion 24/7 online via BullionStar’s user-friendly interface while at the same time knowing that you can audit or withdraw your bullion at anytime.

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