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Infographic: U.S. Government & Banks in the Gold Market

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As the world’s preeminent money, now and throughout history, gold is seen by governments and monetary authorities as strategically critical and often a matter of national security.

Not least in the United States, where although the US government and US banks downplay gold, it is precisely because they are terrified of gold’s rise, that these entities are heavily involved in the gold market in a nefarious manner.

This visually stunning new infographic from BullionStar puts the spotlight on the deep involvement of the US Government and Wall Street banks in the gold market, and their nefarious manipulation of precious metals prices, illustrating:

• The supposed size and location of the US Treasury Gold Reserves but the fact that the US Gold has not been properly audited in over 70 years. What is the US Treasury hiding?

• Five massive Wall Street banks dominant the gold market, trading gigantic trading volumes of COMEX gold futures in a giant paper trading game.

• The international gold price is set by paper gold trading in New York and London, and not by physical gold demand and supply, a flawed pricing that causes physical shortages and high premiums.

• Although Wall Street banks have been prosecuted for manipulating precious metals and their traders jailed, the same banks still continue to operate with impunity in the gold market.

• There is continual gold price suppression during New York (NY) trading hours, with returns during NY hours a fraction of returns outside NY hours. This is statistically impossible.

• A US Government group, the Plunge Protection Team (PPT), oversees interventions into markets. This PPT was infamously active in the US silver market during February 2021 where it oversaw a ‘tamp down’ of the silver price to prevent a financial system crisis.

• The US Government, Wall Street and the US mainstream media constantly work to prevent gold gaining in popularity. This is done to protect the US financial system and the reserve status of the US dollar.

• That this price manipulation can’t go on forever. When it fails, the gold price will again be determined by the forces of supply and demand for physical gold.



Infographic: US Government and US Banks in the Gold Market – An infographic hosted at BullionStar.us

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