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BullionStar’s gold numismatic and collectible coin range spans a variety of limited mintage gold coins, limited edition and proof gold coins, and other gold coins which display a rarity value.

While numismatics is often thought to cover just coins from antiquity or ancient history, this is not the case. Precious metals coin collectors often collect more modern bullion coins which exhibit an element of rarity or other uniqueness. The limited nature and rarity of these numismatic gold coins ensures that the premiums on these coins are higher than on normal gold bullion coins. In other words, the value of gold numismatic coins reflects the value of the gold contained in these coins plus a rarity premium.

Within the gold numismatics and collectibles range, BullionStar will often have sets of proof gold coins on offer. Proof gold coins are gold coins that have been fabricated to a very high-quality finish by the fabricating mint, and that are issued in very limited quantities. Proof gold coins are often issued by mints in presentation cases, complete with accompanying certificates of authenticity, for example a Royal Mint set of proof Gold Sovereign coins, or a Royal Canadian Mint set of gold Maple Leaf coins.

Gold coin numismatics also includes limited edition gold coins which have been produced by national mints to commemorate special occasions. Some good examples are the commemorative gold coins produced by the Singapore Mint to mark important anniversary years of Singapore’s independence. The Singapore Mint’s Lunar gold coins, only ever minted in limited editions, also qualify as numismatic gold coins and come in attractive presentation cases.



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