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Buy & Store Bullion in New Zealand

New Zealand consistently ranks as one of the top 3 countries in the world for doing business and has high levels of personal and monetary freedom, with strong property ownership rights. Tucked away in its corner of the world, New Zealand is geographically distant from many of the trouble hotspots of the world. All these attributes make Zealand an attractive jurisdiction for international diversification of bullion storage.

BullionStar provides an end to end bullion solution, you can buy, sell, store, withdraw and audit your holdings for multiple jurisdictions from one account. Take physical possession of your bullion by having it shipped to you, or else collect it via BullionStar's vault partner New Zealand Vault in Wellington.

BullionStar's Vault Storage Solution

BullionStar's secure precious metals vault storage solution offers you full online control of your precious metals bars and precious metals coins. With Vault Storage, you can:

- Buy, sell or request physical withdrawal of your bullion 24/7 online.
- Buy and sell bullion bars and coins and trade Bullion Storage Program (BSP) Grams.
- View photos of your bullion online.
- View and analyse your bullion portfolios in different currencies and across different valuation methods.
- Audit your bullion online, view third party audit protocols or physically audit your bullion at our shop.
- View BullionStar's vault insurance certificate proving that your bullion is insured.
- Generate a vault certificate/report for your own stored bullion holdings.

With BullionStar's secure precious metals storage, all customer owned metals are insured and audited using five methods of audit. At all times, customers hold full legal ownership to their bullion products, with BullionStar simply acting as storage provider. With customers originating from more than 100 countries, BullionStar accepts customers from all EU countries, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Malaysia and many more countries.

You can use one and the same account to buy and store bullion in all jurisdictions offered.

For customer support, please go to our contact page where you find our e-mail address, telephone number and text message support phone number.

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