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Privacy Ensured with BullionStar


BullionStar will always keep your data confidential.

The decision to acquire investment precious metals is often motivated by a desire to limit counterparty risk. Furthermore, privacy is one of the main reasons for diversifying your precious metals storage and storing your bullion internationally. As such, BullionStar recognises the criticality of keeping your data confidential, secure and protected with integrity.

BullionStar will not release your information to anyone unless ordered to do so by a court of law in Singapore. Given that physical bullion is defined as a physical good in Singapore, there is no legal obligation on BullionStar's part to report any purchase, sale or vault holding of physical bullion to anyone or any entity whether located domestically or abroad.

Communication between BullionStar customers and BullionStar's servers is encrypted in HTTPS with 2048-bit certificate key. All passwords are one-way encrypted (hashed) so that there is no way for anyone except the BullionStar customer him/herself to access their BullionStar account.

Online vault storage handling is further protected by the customer selecting a PIN code upon initiating his/her first vault transaction. The PIN code must be repeated for each subsequent vault transaction. 

BullionStar also provides you with an option to enable 2-factor authentication when logging into your account. BullionStar strongly encourage you to enable 2-factor authentication. There are two options for 2-factor authentication, Google Authenticator or SMS Text Message. With Google Authenticator, you will scan a QR-code from a pop-up on BullionStar's website or input a secret key using the Google Authenticator app upon enabling 2-factor authentication via Google Authenticator on BullionStar's website. You will then have to input a Google Authenticator Code upon every login attempt. With SMS Text Message, a code will be sent via SMS text message to your mobile phone every time you attempt to login to your BullionStar account. To complete the login and access your account, you will be required to enter the code sent to you.

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