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Why USA?

Aligned with the founding values of the United States, which are freedom, limited government, and individual responsibility, BullionStar has chosen to vault and distribute out of a state with strong protection of individual rights and favorable tax policies related to the sale and storage of bullion.

Domestic Pent Up Demand - USA is the financial capital of the world and there is pent-up demand to convert financial assets into non-financial assets that are out of the financial system, such as gold, silver and platinum bullion.

Mature Market Ripe for Innovation - Our customers have the ability to buy, sell, trade, and store precious metals online, across an extensive range of global products. By integrating cutting edge innovative technology into the age-old precious metals industry, our customers have found the BullionStar experience to be more intuitive, convenient and pleasant than ever before.

Diversification Options for Americans - Whether you are purchasing bullion to be shipped directly to you, choosing to store and insure your bullion in a high-security vault in the USA, or diversifying your wealth by choosing to store bullion in Singapore or New Zealand, we provide you with all of these options.

Check out our other jurisdictions: Singapore, New Zealand

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