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Direct Legal Ownership

When you buy and store bullion products in BullionStar's vault, you at all times maintain full direct legal ownership of your specific allocated bullion items, stored by BullionStar as your storage provider. BullionStar can never encumber your allocated bullion items in any way. 

When we have received the funds for your purchased bullion for vault storage, we take a photo image of your bullion, with the serial numbers visible (where applicable), together with your printed order confirmation. This picture is uploaded to your account online so that you can view and identify your bullion. 

Customer Audits and Withdrawals

You can withdraw your bullion at any time, simply log-in to your account, go to Withdraw Bullion and select the item/s you wish to withdraw.

BullionStar has multiple methods of bullion audits in place. BullionStar's Live Audit Report, which allows you to audit your bullion items online, is also unique. With the Live Audit Report, you can verify the existence of your own bullion, as well as everybody else's bullion anonymously, against BullionStar's system records in all storage jurisdictions. Your bullion is listed under your vault account number in a publicly available list including the serial numbers of your bullion where applicable. All other BullionStar vault customers can likewise verify their bullion using the same system.

BullionStar employs third party LBMA-approved auditor Bureau Veritas to conduct independent third party audits. These audit protocols are made available for customers.

Customers can also conduct their own physical audit of their metals. Please contact us if you would like to arrange for a physical audit appointment.

Do note that withdrawals and audit may be subject to certain fees based on our Schedule of Service Fees.

Fee schedule by jurisdiction: United States, Singapore, New Zealand

Ownership Certificate

BullionStar provides all vault customers with an ownership vault certificate. This ownership vault certificate is updated automatically each time a customer buys, sells or withdraws physical bullion. 

BullionStar's vault system is designed so that your ownership claim is clear no matter what happens. Even in the extremely unlikely event that BullionStar is unable to continue its business, an independent accounting company would be assigned to act as your agent in claiming possession of your bullion.

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