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How to Sell Bullion with the Proceeds Paid to Your BullionStar Account

When you sell products from Vault Storage in New Zealand, Singapore or the US, or sell products by shipping them to us at any of those locations, you can choose to keep the proceeds from the sell order on your BullionStar account.  

Placing a Sell Order with Proceeds Paid to Your BullionStar Account

Step 1: Go to Sell Gold & Silver to place a sell order for handover or shipment to BullionStar Singapore or go to Your Account > Sell Stored Bullion to place a vault sell order.

Step 2: When you reach the payment instructions page, simply select "BullionStar Account" under the heading for Payment and we will credit your BullionStar account with the proceeds from your sell order. There are no costs or fees for receiving proceeds from a sell order to your BullionStar account. Subsequently, you can use the funds towards future orders or withdraw them anytime at your convenience. Under normal circumstances, your BullionStar account will be credited within one business day from when we have received your products. 

Funds on your account can be used for settling orders of precious metals in New Zealand, Singapore or the US where BullionStar holds stock. 

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