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Bullion Prices

Product prices are updated automatically and frequently on BullionStar's website. The price you see is the price that you pay at that time. There are no additional or hidden charges. The price is locked in at the time of order placement. The price will be locked in at the time of order placement regardless of any price fluctuations between the lock-in time and settlement or delivery time.

Please note that no price changes or refunds will be issued after order placement. All orders are binding and charges apply for cancelled orders.

Storage: No charges are added to purchase prices if you buy your bullion for storage. Storage fees with BullionStar, listed here, are very competitive. 

Shipping: For shipping, the cost of shipping and insurance is dependent on the shipping country, weight and value of your products. The costs are visible in the Checkout before you confirm your order.

Volume Discounts

Customers purchasing larger quantities are eligible for volume discounts. If you purchase a certain volume discounted quantity of an item, the price in the shopping cart and checkout will automatically reflect the lower price of the item. 

How are Prices Set?

Bullion product prices for each metal are set based on the international spot price for that metal plus a price premium

The international spot prices for gold, silver and platinum are derived predominantly from trading on the London wholesale precious metals markets and the US futures markets. These spot prices are market prices at which unallocated or synthetic precious metals can be bought in large quantities by wholesale market participants such as banks and institutions. It is time consuming, complicated and associated with additional fees to actually take delivery of significant physical precious metals on the spot markets since trading on these markets is predominantly non-physical.  

The price for physical precious metals products will be higher than the international spot price with the prices for bullion bars and coins reflecting the costs associated with refining, minting, assaying, shipping, insurance etc. This difference between the actual price for a certain bullion product and the spot price is known as the price premium. The premium is represented as a percentage of the spot price, and the size of the premium will be dependent on market factors for that particular bar or coin.

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