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Set up Your BullionStar Account in a Matter of Seconds

At BullionStar, we like to keep things simple. You can use one and the same account for holding bullion in all storage jurisdictions offered by BullionStar. You can also hold cash funds on your account with BullionStar. 

If you are looking to sell precious metals that you are in possession of, you can do so without opening an account. If you buy precious metals in our shop, you also don't need any account. If you place buy orders online, you can fill in your details for opening your account directly in the Checkout.

Why open an account with BullionStar?

When you open an account, your customer details will be pre-filled for faster execution when you place orders. You also automatically receive 10 Free BSP Grams of Silver which you can start to trade immediately using our online platform. Both bullion (all storage jurisdictions) and cash funds can be held on your BullionStar account so that you can trade in and out of bullion positions. With your account, you can furthermore keep track of your past transactions.

Account Types - Personal & Business & Trust/Foundation/IRA

There are three different account types. You can either open a personal account, a business account or a trust/foundation/IRA account. For personal accounts, it's possible to add a joint account holder. ​BullionStar joint accounts are operated with a single signing authority, where instructions from any one of the joint account holders will be accepted and such instructions will be binding on the other joint account holders. 

For business accounts and for trust/foundation/IRA accounts, you need to nominate a minimum of one and a maximum of four appointed users/signatories that have the rights to sign for the account. 

How to Setup an Account

1. Click on the SIGN UP button at the top right hand side of the website.

2. Fill in the fields in the form. If you wish to appoint a joint account holder, click on "Joint Account Holder (Optional)" and fill in the details of the individual you are nominating as your joint account holder. Please note that all joint account holders will have full rights in terms of transacting with the account. 

3. Choose whether to enable the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA provides account holders with an additional layer of security by requiring account holders to input a Google Authentication code or a 6-digit code sent to their mobile phone every time they log into their Bullionstar Account. BullionStar strongly recommends all customers to enable the 2-Factor Authentication.  

Once you have registered your account, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. 

You will also automatically get 10 Free BSP Grams of Silver when you have opened your account. 

Go to your Cash & Bullion Dashboard to view your account holdings.

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