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Our Products - FAQ

Q: Do you have the same products available in all your jurisdictions?

A: No, different products are available in different countries. Please click on the dropbox to the right of "Show Products In" to select desired country in which to show available products for sale.

Q: I am not satisfied with the design or appearance of my product. Can I have it replaced?

A: Please note that we sell bullion bars and bullion coins. Bullion bars and bullion coins are produced by precious metals mints and refineries as investment bullion products and can have small defects on the surfaces such as dots, scratches or blemishes. We will only replace a product if it does not match the item ordered, or arrives in a damaged condition which would significantly diminish its resale value.

Q: Is a certificate of authenticity included with bullion bars?

A: Most gold bars in sizes up to 100 grams are laminated in a secure plastic casing, which constitutes the bar's certificate of authenticity. The refinery stamp on the bar or the mint mark and design on the coin constitutes the manufacturer's guarantee of the bar's or coin's precious metals purity and weight. For other products, there may or may not be a certificate enclosed. If uncertain, please contact us and inquire about the product you are interested in.

Q: Do you recommend precious metals bars or precious metals coins?

A: The choice of bar vs coin is primarily a matter of taste but coins have some advantages such as:
- Coins are more suitable in a scenario where precious metals return as money or means of payment.
- Small units carry higher premiums when shortages appear.
- Coins can be sold or consumed individually.
- Many coins are common around the world and there is therefore a liquid secondary market for coins.
- Other things to consider include how the items will be stored, the design on the coin or bar and the cost.

Q: How much is a Troy Ounce?

A: One Troy Ounce is an imperial unit of weight, corresponding to 31.1 grams in the metric system.

Q: What does ‘Fine Weight’ mean?

A: The fine weight is the weight of the actual precious metal in the product. For example, a 1 oz Krugerrand gold coin has a fine weight of 31.1 grams of gold, while the total weight of the coin is 33.93 grams. The fineness/purity of the coin is thus 22K (91.67 %).

Q: How is karat measured?

A:  24K represents the highest purity of gold (99.99 %). Lesser purities, such as 18K, are divided by 24 in order to derive the percentage fineness. Thus 18K represents a fineness of 75 % (18/24 = 0.75), 12K represents a fineness of 50 % and so on.

Q: Why are some products more expensive than others per gram?

A: Smaller gold and silver bars are usually more expensive per gram than larger gold and silver bars. The reason for this is that there is a minting cost for each item that is similar per unit regardless of whether it is a small or large bar. The minting cost per gram is thus higher for smaller bars.

Some coins, such as e.g. Royal Canadian Mint Gold Maples or US Mint Silver Eagles are minted by the governments of Canada and the United States, respectively. The higher cost is a result of both added seigniorage, and probably also the inefficiencies of government operations when compared to private minting.

Q: What is the meaning of a product being listed as circulated?  

A: A circulated item means that there are some wear and tear on the item such as for example scratches or marks. 

Q: Why does the checkout page, the order confirmation page or the order confirmation e-mail contain an "Expected release date"? 

A: The expected release date means that the items you are ordering will be available for dispatch or vault processing on the indicated release date. 

Q: How can I become an affiliate and earn commission on referring customers interested in purchasing BullionStar's products?

A: For more information about our affiliate program, go to our affiliate referral information page here.

Q: How can I learn more about Precious Metals?

A: Go to our Gold & Silver 101 series which covers the essentials of saving and investing in physical precious metals and explain all you need to know to begin investing in bullion. 

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