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Allocated Precious Metals

Whether you choose to store your purchased bullion with us in BullionStar's vault or take physical delivery, you can rest assured that you will receive the exact physical item that you ordered. For example, if you purchase five PAMP Suisse 100 gram gold bars, that is exactly what you will get.

Your purchased bullion items are handled with utmost care. There will always be two BullionStar vault and service officers inspecting, documenting and signing for each product order. Furthermore, all product handling for order completion into bullion storage or customer dispatch is carried out under high resolution camera surveillance.

When you choose to store your purchased bullion items in BullionStar's secure vault, your items will be stored in the vault in a proprietary shelving system separate from BullionStar's own stock with all serial-numbered bullion items that you own being uniquely identifiable.

BullionStar documents your holdings by taking a photo of your bullion items and uploading these images to your account online so that you can view and identify your items according to their serial numbers. Non-serial numbered bullion bars and bullion coins are by definition fungible, but in these cases you still hold direct ownership of a specific product item.

All customer-owned bullion products stored in BullionStar's secure vault are audited using five different auditing schemes. 

BullionStar allows for online auditing through the Live Audit Report where you can self-audit your bullion by locating it under your vault account number. You can also view everyone else's holdings anonymously. Likewise, all other BullionStar customers can verify the existence of their bullion in the same manner. 

BullionStar also employs the 3rd party LBMA-approved auditor Bureau Veritas to conduct independent audits with audit protocols available here.

Customer can also conduct their own physical audit of their holdings. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an appointment.

In the extremely unlikely event of a loss or damage of to your bullion products, all products are insured by at full replacement value on a like for like basis. The insurance coverage is placed by Marsh, a global leader in insurance brokering and risk management, and underwritten by various syndicates at Lloyd's of London.

Direct Legal Ownership

When you store allocated specific bullion products with BullionStar as your vault storage provider, you are at all times the legal owner of these bullion items. Your bullion is held unencumbered and allocated and free of any other claim. It's your precious metal to which you have full legal ownership.

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