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Keeping Funds on Your BullionStar Account

As a BullionStar account holder, you are able to keep funds on your BullionStar account in US Dollars, Singapore Dollars and Euros. They can be used towards purchases of bullion from BullionStar and can be withdrawn anytime.

Keeping funds on your account may be handy when you:

- Trade in and out of positions.

- Average in or out of positions over time.

- Transfer internationally and would like to avoid multiple bank fees.

- Prefer to be liquid in cash.

- Trust BullionStar more than your bank as we do not operate under the banking system.

- Sell to BullionStar and would like to use the proceeds towards future orders.

To fund your BullionStar account, go to Your Account > Add Funds. To withdraw funds from your BullionStar account, go to Your Account > Withdraw Funds

Keeping funds on your BullionStar account greatly simplifies trading in and out of bullion positions and also makes it easier to stay liquid without involving bank transactions. This speeds up your transactions with BullionStar as well as saves you repeated and costly bank fees.

In addition, when selling bullion to BullionStar, you have the option of keeping the proceeds from your sell order on your BullionStar account. You can keep funds on your BullionStar account as long as you like and you can withdraw the funds at any time.

It is optional whether to fund your BullionStar account prior to making purchases. If you prefer, you can place your order first and subsequently initiate your payment within one business day for all payment methods except for cryptocurrencies where payments must be initiated within 20 minutes.

Funds on your account can be used for settling orders in New Zealand, Singapore or the US where BullionStar holds bullion stock. There are no costs for maintaining a BullionStar account and no interest is accrued.

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