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BullionStar's Vault in New Zealand

BullionStar keeps stock in New Zealand. BullionStar's customers can place orders for personal collection, shipping and vault storage with BullionStar in New Zealand. BullionStar's vault partner in New Zealand is New Zealand Vault located at 1 Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

The vault is located in the State Insurance Tower which is a steel framed building considered one of the safest buildings in Wellington.

The vault was built in 1984 as part of the foundation of the Bank of new Zealand Tower. The vault was designed with input of Chubb Safes UK and Chubb New Zealand.

The vault is a 600 mm thick monolithic construction using full tang construction along with a strengthened high density concrete with additives supplied by Chubb. The vault exceeds Class 3 standards.

The vault was built and certified to Lloyds of London insurance standards as was the main and emergency door. Both doors are Chubb Treasury 2 graded doors.

The vault has a secure access control system and outer perimeter around the outside of the outer vault walls. There is a secure delivery bay where armoured vehicles can unload bullion.

There are high definition cameras around the outside perimeter and inside the vault monitored 24/7 by a security company and by New Zealand Vault staff in a secure office area during normal working hours. There is anti-masking motion detection around the outside perimeter and inside the vault and there are seismic detectors around the vault walls. The vault and the vault doors also have additional security and surveillance features monitored by an off-site security company.

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